The average garage door opens and closes over 1,500 times a year. That's a lot of heavy lifting over and over again. With all that use, it's no surprise that garage door problems are a common headache for most homeowners. So if you are looking for the best garage door opener repair in Port St. Lucie, Holt's Reliable Garage Door Repair is the company perfect for you.

One of the main garage door problems could be the garage door springs. After all, if a garage door spring breaks or an opener jams, you may need to replace it. If the springs are okay, but your garage door is still not working, you probably have an alignment problem that needs to be corrected. When it comes to proper maintenance and repair of garage doors opener, it is important to consult a specialist in garage door repair in Port St. Lucie who is knowledgeable in the correct techniques to ensure quality results. After all, any problem with your garage door, no matter how minor it may appear, can become a large inconvenience to you. The last thing you want to happen is to be locked inside of your garage when you least expect it. Holt's Reliable Garage Door Repair can service all makes and models of garage doors in The Treasure Coast.

Our repair team has over 15 years of experience repairing garage doors. We specialize in both garage door and garage opener repairs in Port St. Lucie and replacements. As a locally owned and operated company, we strive to provide our clients in the Treasure Coast area with the best customer service around.

If you have a faulty garage door opener, we can repair it for you. Or, if you want to replace it with the latest smartphone technology, we can get you set up. With the lowest prices guaranteed. Our estimates are always honest and free.

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