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The best and most Unique ways to personalize your garage doors

The garage door is perhaps the most visible door on your property, the thing is most garage doors are plain looking and servers just as a functional purpose, however with the right designs and applications, your garage door could be the envy in your neighborhood. With advancement in designs and technology the option of personalizing your garage doors is endless. Here are five quick and easy ways on how you can make your garage door an extension of your possession.

Temporary embellishments

The quickest and cheapest way you can spruce up a garage door is by purchasing embellishments to attach to it. Lightening fixtures, a set of magnetic faux hinges and handles or even a sting adhesive can make a bland, standard garage door look like a pair of high-end carriage-style doors. Some experts suggested that if your garage door doesn’t have windows on it, you can break up the basic, monochromatic surface by sticking adhesive film on top of the garage door that makes it look like it has windows. One website even suggested opting for a 2-way mirror which would allow you to see outside of the garage while reflecting the outside back at itself, or you can simply put in a traditional mirror and consign your garage to a lack of natural light.


A new garage door could cost you thousands, however there are simpler ways to make your garage door look like a completely different design without having to pay for a brand-new door. A simple coat of paint to match the rest of your house could have it blend right in with the deign scheme. Or you can mimic the look of wood with the correct brushing technique. However, if you’d prefer real wood over paint, you can buy beams of thin wood to cover the existing garage door. to looks like a fully wooden door (much like how the fake brick wall covers work). Companies online sell kits of DIY wood garage facades so you can order the right size for your home.

External Fixture

Many garage doors are built from steel or aluminum which is then painted or finished in a specific waw, but expert believes that if you want to keep the garage door minimalistic and super raw, you can get a metal garage door that isn’t finished or polished in ways a modern way. A soldered metal door would show the places where the door is welded. The metal might be ground down so that it is smooth but not finished or polished. Additionally, you can combine soldered and lattice work. Even if the door is polished and finished, you can get additional lattice work done on it. Metal latticing would add bold texture to the surface of the door while maintaining a natural, raw look. This is suited especially if you have colonial design or a country home.

Lights and Mirror

Installing a light figure on or over the door can enhance the look of your garage door significantly. Attractive illumination can light up a bland garage door by making it look warm and welcoming, more so if your garage door is painted, a perfect spotlight could show off your work and designs. Expert believes that another cheap and easy ways you can enhance your Garage door is to opt for a 2-way mirror which would allow you to see outside of the garage while reflecting the sunlight back in or you can simply put in a traditional mirror and consign your garage to a lack of natural light. The best way to achieve both is to combine 2-way mirrors, or just reflective glass, with more traditional glass windows. By alternating mirrors and traditional window glass you can allow light into the garage while creating some cool reflective effects.


You can resurface your garage door to match your taste whatever that might be, from making your garage door look like an old barn yard door or a new castle door altogether. A castle style garage door is a style of door using wood and steel. When you use wood paneling, particularly in a vertical or horizontal layer, frame the whole door with steel. Experts believe with the right kind of modern house, this finishing touch could create an ancient, rustic counterbalance to make any garage seem like a new advantage every time you step into your car. Another option is to add a different surface, designs expert suggested that if you have access to old or rustic kinds of wood, you might be able to make a barn door style of design. While castle gate garage doors are generally characterized by double doors that put steel and wood in juxtaposition, barn door garage doors use longer, sweeping wooden frames.

So, whatever your choice is, give your garage door experts a call today and let them work with you to achieve your desire and make your garage door more than just another attachment, but rather serve as a focal point of your house. Give Holt's Reliable Garage Door Repair a call today for all your garage door needs in Florida.

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