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Replacing your garage door could be costly and maybe unimportant for now. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 children are permanently injured each year, sending 1 million to seek medical care. A neglect malfunction electric automatic garage door might be more costly in the end.

Time to get a new garage door.

So, the question is when do I need to replace my garage door? According to experts when it comes to proper maintenance and repair of garage doors, it is important to consult a garage door repair specialist who is knowledgeable in the correct techniques to ensure quality results. According to experts any problem with your garage door, no matter how minor could become a larger inconvenience in the future. The typical garage door will open and close thousands of times each year which will result in wear and tear this can take a toll on the door, as well as the opener, springs, rollers, cables, hinges, and other essential parts and components a tune up might keep it in order for a while but, replacing your garage door might be in the best interest of you and your family safety.

Type of garage door and fixtures

The first thing you might wat to do is to look at your options, as with any mechanical device, a garage door needs a regular tune-up to keep it in peak operating condition and minimize the chances of a major repair issues. However, looking at your options could reduce the cost and increase the longevity of your garage door. When it comes to garage doors, customization and designs could very well be an existential part of you. With the right custom design, your garage door could become part of your existing structural blueprint. From modern style architecture to more traditional home designs, the perfect garage door is an extension of your home’s style according to experts. Here are a few garage doors that could brightening any existing home and be the envy of your neighbors.

Modern Homes- Sleek lines, boxy constructions and flat roof lines exude the look of Modern style homes. A distinctive garage door design with a full glass view will showcase the contemporary vibe of your Modern style home.

Country French Homes- From chateaus on the hillside to rustic farmhouse designs, Country French style homes release a feeling of warmth and comfort. A garage door with earth tones, arched windows, and strong metal accents will complete the look on your Country French style home.

Cottage Homes- If your Cottage style home was designed for front porch rocking with an essence of warmth and charm, then a beautifully crafted garage door would complete the look. To compliment the cozy feel of your Cottage style home, a classic garage door with modest window designs would be best.

Mediterranean Homes- Impressive terra cotta roofs with boastful brick and stucco designs showcase the powerful beauty of Mediterranean style homes. Strong, constructed metal handles and rich, bold colors on your garage door will enhance the look of any Mediterranean home.

Colonial Homes- Symmetrical lines with perfectly centered doors and windows truly define the look of a Colonial style home. What better way to complete the most perfectly aligned type of home than with exact square imprints and flawlessly positioned windows in your garage door design.

Craftsman Homes- Thoughtfully crafted covered front porches supported by custom designed columns and solid footprints encompass the architectural style of a Craftsman home. A high efficiency, steel constructed garage door with clean lines would be the preferred choice.

Victorian Homes- With inspiration derived from Queen Victoria herself, elongated windows, rounded construction and trim galore, Victorian style homes exude elegance. An enduring style garage door with a unique carriage style design will ensure your home is the talk of the neighborhood.

Cape Cod Homes- A centrally located chimney with a broad one-story footprint showcases the essence of a well-constructed Cape Cod style home. To embrace the beauty of your home, choose a garage door with beautifully designed windows, a soothing coastal color, and an interior built of well-constructed steel to bring your home to life.

With all these options the style and designs of your garage doors are endless and can reflect your taste and personality. so, whether you are getting a new home or replacing an existing garage door, either one will add value and increasing the curb appeal of your home and neighborhood.

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