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October 7, 2022
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Garage door opener repair & maintenance services in Palm Beach County

The garage door is not just a portal to the outside world, but for most people it’s a portal to their haven as well. As a homeowner, security and efficiency are the bases on which any home is built, and none is more evident than when it comes to garage doors. One of the major responsibilities of being a homeowner is to ensure that everything is up and running smoothly. Still, quality is one specific element most homeowners tend to neglect when choosing a garage door. However, choosing a reliable garage door is just the start. As an essential part of your life, your garage door needs to be maintained monthly to ensure that’s its safe and secure. Let's have a look at 5 reasons why having a garage Door Tune-Up is beneficial to your life and your pocketbook.

Garage Door Tune-Up and Your Safety 

Most modern garage doors are built with technology that serves to protect you and your family. One of these features includes the emergency reversal sensor. The reversal sensor component acts as a second eye which can protect small animals and people from being crushed by the door as it lowers. However, when there is a lack of yearly garage door tune-ups, families and lives are put at risk. There are five major advantages of choosing Holt’s Reliable Garage Door Repair in Palm Beach County. 
  1. Maintenace-from wear and tear to component replacement, a good and reliable repair technician would be able to identify and report any such problems. Another important safety area that a tune-up worker would examine are the tension springs. Having loose or broken tension springs may result in your door collapsing due to its own weight. If this is evident, it should be noted that you must never attempt to fix it yourself. Always call a garage door installation repairman to ensure it done correctly like a professional Holt’s Reliable Garage Door Repair.
  2. Garage Door Aesthetics- One of the most important aspects of your home may be its curb appeal. When there is a lack of repairs, both mechanically and cosmetically, it can lead to the deterioration of your door’s appearance. This is especially true if you live in a humid climate or if materials such as metal are a large part of your door. In fact, even the smallest scratch can quickly build up to be a real eyesore after a few months and can reduce the value of your home significantly. 
  4. Improve Longevity of Your Garage Door- Perhaps the best reason for having a tune-up is to extend the life of your garage door, which if done correctly, can help you to avoid spending hundreds or even thousands on repairs throughout your garage door lifetime. For example, installing new door panels can become very expensive, the more panels you must replace the more expensive it will be. A tune-up will help you find panel issues before they become unrepairable or irreplicable.
  5. Safety- Safety is the largest and most important benefit of regular maintenance. All mechanical gadgets require some sort of maintenance or else they will break down and stop working. This is especially true with your garage door. With the daily opening and closing of your garage doors, it creates friction over time which can damage the mechanical parts that make it work. Beside this, dirt, dust, and debris can build up over time which can cause the mechanical parts to be inconsistent and lead to jamming and slipping when opening and closing. This is potentially a safety hazard and can lead to injuries. The last thing you want is for your garage door to give out on you when you most need it. Like in a storm or to give easy access to your home by an intruder.
  6. Security – there is perhaps nothing more important to a homeowner than a sound sleep knowing that your home is well protected. However, a jammed or malfunctioning garage door could have you turning in your sleep night after night or could be the thing that's on your mind the most during your vacation. Peace of mind is a real benefit that is worth the effort of routine maintenance. Knowing that you’ve thoroughly checked over your garage door and it's in working order would give you the reassurance that you don’t have to worry about it breaking down or break-ins. 
  7. So, why spend another day with a broken or faulty garage door. Holt’s Reliable Garage Door Repair in Palm Beach County. and let one of our trained technicians provide you with a free quote for a new garage door or for a repair. From inspections, repairs and installations we do it all. CALL US NOW on (772) 999-1125 or visit us at Holt’s Reliable Garage Door Repair 3957 S. US highway 1 – Fort Pierce Florida – 34982 




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